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Why A Professional Land Surveyor?

For surveys to be legal, the survey must be done by a professional land surveyor. Surveyors have completed the academic requirements and practical training, and are licensed. Trust Block Surveying, licensed and trained, with all of your surveying needs.

When do I Need A Survey?

Follow the links below to find out more information on when you need a Professional Land Surveyor.

Selling & Buying Property
Refinancing or Obtaining Mortgage

Building, Remodeling or Fencing Property
What Will It Cost?

Selling & Buying Property

When selling property it is recommended to update your survey so that the seller and buyer are protected from inaccurate property descriptions.

A survey can tell whether the property contains an easement for utilities or right-of-way. The surveyor will research whether your deed accurately describes the
property. A survey clearly defines your property
boundaries, so as to eliminate any future litigation or ill will between neighbors. After completing the survey, the surveyor can physically mark the exact corners of your property with survey movements. This will make sure that any trees, additions, sidewalks, driveways or any other property improvements are contained within your property.

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Refinancing or Obtaining Mortgage

A survey is needed to obtain a mortgage and complete the sale of the property. As a buyer it is your responsibility to make sure the survey is correct and up-to-date. If an up-to-date survey is not available, then the buyer should make sale of the house contingent on buyer producing a survey.

A mortgage company requires a survey to protect their investment. They have to be sure that the land and buildings they are lending money for are accurately described in any documents which accompany the transaction.

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Building, Remodeling or Fencing a Property

Before making any changes to an existing property, you need to make sure of the property boundaries. A license surveyor can determine your property boundaries, and physically add survey stakes if necessary. Allowing a surveyor to complete a survey also ensures that you will meet all zoning laws.

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What will it cost?

Depending upon the scope of work, the cost of a survey can vary. Fees for surveys depend on the amount of time required for the research and the survey. At Block Surveying, before the work is completed, the customer is presented with an cost estimate along with the expected completion date. Visit our contact us page to complete and send us a form about your property.

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